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Providing resources and information to help connect professional women with meaningful causes and relevant skills-based volunteer opportunities.

Announcing a new direction. Home!

In 2006, we saw a need to connect highly-skilled professional women with remarkable nonprofits in the Greater Chicago area. That was the inspiration for WomenOnCall.

Over the years, WomenOnCall expanded to other markets, and we’ve helped forge meaningful connections that have bettered communities throughout the country and improved numerous nonprofits. But recently we realized greater needs than ever before, right in our own backyard. These growing needs inspired us to take a closer look at how we could better impact our Chicago nonprofits.

We saw that by focusing our efforts and resources, we could have an even deeper and more positive effect on leading organizations here at home – nonprofits that are addressing critical needs to better the lives of millions of residents in so many ways. That's why we've decided to direct our efforts solely to organizations in the Greater Chicago area.

The goal of this shift? Greater impact for our volunteers, our nonprofit partners and the communities they serve. Here's what this means:

  • Our volunteers, no matter where they are, can play a significant role in changing the narrative in Chicago. Through virtual volunteering projects, they can lend their expertise regardless of where they are in the country.
  • After September 15th, all of the nonprofits in our roster will be located in the Chicago area.
  • Current nonprofit partners outside of our area of focus will be allowed to post new projects throughout the summer during this transition period. And, to support them during this transition, we will provide them with referrals for volunteer networks in their geographic areas that can help fill their needs.
We are excited about this strategic refocus. It means that through you — and others like you — we can make a more meaningful and significant impact on the Chicago community.

You will be hearing more in the coming months from us on how you can make even more of a difference. In the meantime, thank you for all you do!