WomenOnCall has merged with Chicago Cares!

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BIG NEWS: We Met Our Match!

On January 1, 2018, WomenOnCall will merge with Chicago Cares to deepen our impact in the community, particularly in neighborhoods of greatest need. At a February 7th Meet & Match event, WomenOnOnCall will become Skills for Good, a new program of Chicago Cares that leverages WomenOnCall's skills-based volunteerism model and technology platform. Throughout this merger, our team will continue to offer the same great service, without interruption, and you will see even more opportunities to give back and find a personally-relevant volunteer project.

Why merge?
As WomenOnCall shifted its geographic focus to the Chicago community, we sought partnerships that could accelerate our work, provide efficiencies and offer you, our members, even more value. For more than 25 years, Chicago Cares has mobilized volunteers to build a stronger, more unified Chicago. We have a similar vision for the city of Chicago, and our combined organization will provide the increased technology, talent and scale needed to have a broader impact on the nonprofit sector.

What does this mean for you?
WomenOnCall has always been dedicated to creating opportunities for professionals like you to volunteer in a meaningful way. By aligning your skills, expertise and interests with well-defined, high-impact volunteer opportunities, we connect you with the right onsite or remote volunteer project.

That will not change. In fact, one of the most important assets WomenOnCall brings to this merger is you and the rest of our network of highly-skilled volunteers. We expect this community of skilled volunteers to grow — providing more ways for nonprofits throughout Chicago to build capacity and more opportunities for volunteers like you to benefit.

We are proud of all of the contributions our volunteers and nonprofits have made through WomenOnCall, and we are excited about the many possibilities ahead for us with Chicago Cares. With this merger, and your continued involvement, we will be able to move more quickly toward fulfilling our mission. Please be on the lookout for more details in the weeks to come.

It's time to take the next step to do more good!