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Connecting with Purpose | Lisa’s Story

Connecting with Purpose | Lisa’s Story

As a certified public accountant, Lisa Anderson spends much of her time diligently researching specific answers to very particular questions on behalf of her company. But in her recent role as a WomenOnCall volunteer for Chicago nonprofit, Kids in Danger, she was able to expand her perspective, flex her financial muscles and do more for a cause that means so much to her.

“I didn’t realize how much value I could bring to an organization,” she recalls. “I got a lot of fulfillment out of applying my skills and working with the Executive Director.”

It was more than the gratitude she received from everyone at Kids In Danger. “It allowed me to think about finances in a different way. I could look at the big picture and consider the overall sustainability of the organization, which isn’t something I get to do every day at work.”

Kids in Danger is dedicated to protecting Chicago children by improving children's product safety. Learn more.

Lisa has a long history of sharing her time, beginning when she was a college student through New York State’s CPA Society. “I was a coach for a program for college-bound underprivileged high school youth. From that point on, I have been involved with professional programs for people of color.”

Eleven years ago, she moved to Chicago and volunteered to serve two terms on the board of a local nonprofit that supports homeless women. By January 2017, she was ready for a different way to give back to those causes near and dear to her, including: women’s issues, anti-violence, poverty, homelessness and affirmative action.

WomenOnCall provided her with the perfect opportunity. “I thought the project-based assignments would be something I would like. I didn’t want to get in a situation where I was overcommitting my time. It was more manageable. And that helps.”

Lisa also prefers working with nonprofits close to home. “I’ve always tried to focus on my community. It’s a lot more relatable for me than it is to help the same type of organization in a different community. It means more to me, personally, that I can make a difference in the community in which I live.”