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Flaunt Your Volunteer Experiences

Long-term volunteer service shows your commitment and passion to potential employers and often your dedication can connect you with a job. LinkedIn offers an easy way to showcase your volunteer experiences. List your volunteer projects and skills used in the “Volunteering Experience & Causes” section and mention your service with WomenOnCall.

When out of work, volunteering can serve as a bridge from one job to the next. “Volunteers have a 27 percent higher likelihood of finding a job after being out of work than non-volunteers,” according to the National Conference on CitizenshipAnd 81 percent of hiring managers say volunteer work makes recent graduates more attractive job candidates. For recent college graduates who may not be using their skills in their current jobs, volunteering provides an opportunity to put those skills to work.

Yet, volunteering can benefit those who are currently employed, too. Nonprofits are often flexible about giving you work that interests you, so you can brush up on your skills or learn new ones. For a list of short-term, skills-based volunteer opportunities at a variety of nonprofit organizations, visit WomenOnCall today.

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