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How I Found My Match Through WomenOnCall

Volunteer Spotlight: Sheri Rosenbaum

"The combination of triathlons and my marketing background made it a perfect fit."

Throughout the years, we've seen that our volunteers experience a wide range of benefits from their volunteerism. Many of our volunteers come to us looking for a single short-term project, while others are seeking a more long-term match. They leverage an initial opportunity to get to know the nonprofit better and determine if the organization could be the right fit for them. If they find their match, they often enjoy the benefits of a long-standing relationship with the nonprofit.

That's exactly what volunteer Sheri Rosenbaum has found. Sheri - a marketing communications and eCommerce professional with more than 30 years of experience – became a WomenOnCall volunteer several years ago. She has shared her talents with a number of organizations and recently found her perfect match – Dare2Tri. After taking on an initial project with them, she “fell in love" with their work and extended her commitment with them. Here's her story:

You've been a WomenOnCall volunteer for several years, what keeps you coming back?

Sheri: The quality of the opportunities and the type of organizations is what keeps me coming back to WomenOnCall. I would not be able to find these targeted opportunities on my own. You (WomenOnCall ) truly are able to connect non-profits with quality volunteers.

Throughout the many years that you've volunteered with WomenOnCall, you've made some wonderful matches. Do you have any suggestions for new volunteers who are looking to find the right fit?

Sheri: I would recommend that new volunteers really spend the time completing their online profiles. That way, organizations can target valid opportunities for them. Once they do complete their online profiles, be sure to go back and make updates as needed. Don't let it become stagnant.

Thank you for your commitment to WomenOnCall and for your work with Dare2Tri, in particular. Can you share a bit more about the initial project you did for the organization and how that relationship has evolved?

Sheri: Almost two years ago, Keri Serota, Executive Director of Dare2tri, contacted me via email to see if I'd be interested in assisting with some of their marketing communications projects. I think it took less than 60 seconds for me to respond. I had heard of Dare2tri from competing in triathlons and knew it was a worthy organization. The combination of triathlons and my marketing background made it a perfect fit.

Dare2tri had recently hired a full-time Marketing Manager, Ashley, and they were in the middle of developing a new logo and collateral materials. With my more than 30 years of marketing experience, they felt I'd provide additional input on projects as well as another set of eyes on copy/design.

After that initial project, how did you and Dare2Tri decide to continue working together? The relationship was never assumed to be a one and done. It was more of an ongoing relationship where they could call on me as the need arose. I was extremely impressed with the organization and its mission, so I decided to extend my volunteering to include working at some of their events. Over the last two years, I've volunteered at two multi-sport clinics, two triathlon camps, as an athlete handler at ITU Triathlon Championships, an athlete guide at Chicago Triathlon, and served as a committee chairperson (Communications & Community Outreach Committee) for their 2015 and 2016 annual gala. In addition, I had been looking for a new opportunity to join a non-profit board and in June 2016, I joined the Dare2tri board. You can say this is a perfect match!

Were you able to see the impact of your work initially?

Both Keri and Ashley were very receptive to my suggestions and many were implemented. But I have to say, it was a two-way street. Between the projects, the gala and volunteering, I, myself, was personally impacted. Dare2tri is an amazing organization, with a mission to positively impact the lives of physically disabled athletes by developing their skills in paratriathlon.

What has been the most rewarding part of this process for you?

The relationships I have made with the people I've worked with at the various organizations and the impact on those organizations is by far the most rewarding. I've always been an advocate for volunteerism, and the ability to use my talents to make a difference is what brings me joy. It's truly priceless.