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Integrating Volunteerism Into Corporate Culture

More and more workers are citing making a difference at their jobs as one of the most important factors in theirCorporate Volunteer job satisfaction rating. In addition, those who give back through their jobs tend to stick around for longer. So if job retention and satisfaction rates are tied to volunteerism, why don’t more workplaces focus on giving?

The great news is that many companies are beginning to include social good campaigns in their work. Some companies have positions dedicated to volunteer initiatives and pro bono work. Others integrate giving into their philosophy or business model.

However, Millennials are demanding a much quicker transition. And the wishes of Millennials should not be ignored by corporations because they will make up 50 percent of the workforce by 2020. These demands are also causing many others to reflect on their priorities. Baby Boomers want more volunteer opportunities that use their skills and experience, and companies can help fill this gap.

Skills-based volunteerism provides an effective way for companies to engage their employees, assist an organization and impact their community. Volunteers who use their skills to give back also have an impact on a nonprofit's bottom line as skilled volunteering is cited to have a higher dollar value than traditional volunteering, an average of $120 per hour.

WomenOnCall helps companies connect their female employees with meaningful volunteer opportunities that utilize their skills and interests. Contact us to learn more about volunteer options for your organization. Volunteers and nonprofits can sign up for WomenOnCall here.