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Meet our 2017 Impact Award Winner, Culinary Care

Based in Chicago, Culinary Care delivers complimentary meals to in-need cancer patients and their families. In keeping with their motto of one less worry, they believe no one diagnosed with cancer should ever have to struggle to eat. Since their founding in 2013, the organization has delivered over 5,000 free meals. Culinary Care is all about taking one thing off the plate of cancer patients, by putting something on it.

In 2006, Founder Courtney White lost her father to lung cancer. During that tumultuous time, she had friends, neighbors and loved ones that brought her family meals every night for two months straight. These meals not only gave them the physical strength to get through the day, but they gave her family hope and inspired Courtney to start Culinary Care years later.

The lean but mighty organization organization came to WomenOnCall to find volunteers with the skills needed to accomplish the nonprofit's goals and help move it forward. Through WomenOnCall, the organization has been able to find a number of volunteers who could jump right into a variety of projects from individuals to help update its website or provide strategic insight on how to measure impact to photographers who could provide pro bono support or experts to offer their recommendations on fundraising efforts. In particular, Lisa, a web development professional, donated her services to not only help Culinary care improve its website but offer a critical solution to help the organization's patients more efficiently request help.

The added support of WomenOnCall volunteers has allowed Culinary Care's team to dedicate more of its time and efforts to expanding its mission and to infuse the organization with expertise that goes beyond the team's skill sets. We are honored to be working with Culinary Care to connect the organization with our volunteers and to help the nonprofit provide more patients and their families with these invaluable services.