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Providing resources and information to help connect professional women with meaningful causes and relevant skills-based volunteer opportunities.

Share the Rewards

Hands WomenOnCall is always on the lookout for highly skilled women who are willing to offer their expertise to our nonprofits – women just like you! By referring your friends, family and colleagues to WomenOnCall, you can connect other professional women with nonprofits that will value their skills and insight. 

And now you can be rewarded for sharing WomenOnCall with those in your networks. Each time you refer someone you know to WomenOnCall, and she signs up, becomes a volunteer and completes a project, we'll enter you into a drawing for a $150 Nordstrom's gift card. Simply email us the name of your referral, and we will be on the lookout. Once your volunteer has completed a project, both of you will be entered to win our “Share the Rewards” drawing. The winner will be notified in December of 2015.

And remember, WomenOnCall members are located throughout all 50 states. So you are welcome to invite your friends near and far. Volunteers can work on a project remotely or - if the nonprofit is located in their hometown - they can meet with the organization in person. No matter where you are, you and other professional women like you can use your time and talent to help a nonprofit anywhere in the country, virtually or on-site. So let’s share the rewards today!