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Nonprofit Tips: How to Craft a Compelling Project Description

Throughout the years, we've learned a thing or two about skills-based volunteerism. The benefits are three-fold: increased capacity for your organization, professional development and the satisfaction of giving back for the volunteer and more support for the community you serve. While it is a powerful way to achieve your organization's objectives, it does require time and investment to ensure it helps you move in the right direction. But put the time and energy into the engagement upfront, and you're on your way to success.

Here are a few tips to help you craft your project description and ultimately find the right volunteer.

1. Be clear. Are you looking for help producing a specific deliverable or would you like guidance to create a road map for an upcoming initiative? When you know what you want, you will be able to clearly and effectively communicate exactly what you need to potential volunteers. And then, the volunteer can determine if that is something she is able — and wants — to do. Though you may need help in many different areas, stay as focused as possible on the task-at-hand.

2. Share the basics. Provide brief information on your mission or the program/event and the exact project details. Having more of an understanding of what you do and what you need will help the volunteers assess whether or not the project is the right fit for them.

3. Think in advance. Schedule projects at least one or two months out to give the volunteer enough time to do the project well. Build in enough time to interact with the volunteer as needed - ensuring you are providing her with all the input, information and details needed to successfully accomplish your goals.

4. Show how the project will impact your organization. This is why knowing your goal is so important. Everyone likes to see that their work will make a difference, so be creative and upfront in your project description about how your organization, families and/or clients will benefit.

For example: As part of a PR strategy for the unveiling of a new program, your goal may be to draft a press release to raise awareness of your organization's work. The impact of raising awareness will then allow you to serve more families or provide more youth activities or rescue more animals. Whatever the projected impact is, it is important for volunteers to know, because then they will understand exactly how they can make a difference.

Once you've submitted a compelling project description, our team will review your project before posting. It will then be sent to targeted volunteers and shared in our social media channels. If you have not found the right volunteer, simply contact us. We're here to help!