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How I Shared My Social Media Skills

Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Izuakor

Recently, our team caught up with Christine Izuakor, a WomenOnCall volunteer and a Senior IT Security Analyst with United Airlines. As a full-time employee, full-time PhD Security Engineering student and avid philanthropist, her spare time is limited, but – like all of our volunteers - making an impact in the community is a priority for her.

Christine was originally introduced to WomenOnCall by her employer, United Airlines. While United works to better all of the communities where its customers/team members work and live, it has a particularly strong impact on the Chicago community. Their support of WomenOnCall's 2016 Chicago Meet & Match played a key role in its success.

Earlier this spring, Christine shared her social media skills with the University of Illinois at Chicago, Office of Career Services by serving as a guest speaker on the topic of personal marketing via social media platforms. She presented best practices and tips to the group on how to best leverage existing social platforms for personal and professional career advancement. Here's her story.

What did you look for in a WomenOnCall opportunity?

Christine: What I typically look for in a WomenOnCall opportunity is something that allows me to use my current expertise to provide a positive and lasting impact on the community. I love to help out in any way that I can. I also look for opportunities to grow and continuously practice my skills, especially expertise I may not be using in my day-to-day job.

What was the best part of this volunteer opportunity for you?

Christine: There were so many great parts to this opportunity. I think my favorite part was being able to teach people something new. I love sharing knowledge, and this was a really great opportunity to do so. I was also able to continue honing my public speaking and presentation skills, network with great people, teach a room full of diverse and engaged individuals, and learn how to adapt my content to appeal across generations. I feel I contributed and learned a lot.

Have you been able to see how you've made a difference for the organization and/or its clients? If so, how?

Christine: I have had attendees reach out for meetings and additional information since the presentation. In addition, people who did not attend but heard of the presentation through social media have also reached out wanting more. There was lots of positive feedback immediately after the presentation. Some of what I've heard was:

  • “Your presentation was a much needed wake-up call."
  • “The guest speaker was great. She was organized and accessible."
  • “Impactful summary on LinkedIn."
  • “The information on consistency in branding was good feedback."

Do you have any advice for individuals who are looking to find a volunteer project that is right for them?

Christine: Use the opportunities to really challenge yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone. It's a great way to use and grow your current skill sets and even branch into new areas of service.

Fun fact about you:

Christine: I love to travel and explore. I have been to 17 countries so far, and I hope to double that number in the next five years!