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How I Used My Graphic Design Skills to Do Good

Volunteer Spotlight: Mellonee Mayo

"To be able to help nonprofits simply by doing something I love was a no brainer."

Our volunteers come to us for a variety of reasons. Some of them are looking for a project that will help them stretch themselves and hone their skills while others want to share what they do best or to simply find a meaningful way to give back. We've started to spotlight some of these women to showcase their work and to share what inspires them.

Meet Mellonee Mayo – a highly-talented graphic designer who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been an enthusiastic WomenOnCall volunteer since 2012 and has taken on numerous projects, particularly with Willow House, a Chicago-based organization that supports grieving children and their families. Like some of our volunteers, her initial short-term project evolved into a longer-term relationship with that organization, and Willow House has benefitted greatly from her dedication.

Tell us a little bit about you. What do you do in your day job and what were you initially looking for in a WomenOnCall opportunity?

Mellonee: I'm a graphic designer for an ecommerce company where I design emails, flyers, ads and landing pages for the site. Outside of my day job, I do freelance design projects that range from chalk art to logos. I'm also a marketing coach for GA Organics.

When I discovered WomenOnCall back in 2012, I was just looking to get outside of my comfort zone. I wasn't happy with the type of work I was doing at my job. It wasn't the money, I just felt creatively stifled and I wasn't being challenged. Design is a passion that I can't live without, and I needed to feed my passion. I literally was just surfing the web looking for anything to spark my interest, and I came across your site. I thought to myself "What an amazing concept!." To be able to help nonprofits simply by doing something I love was a no brainer.

Tell us about your volunteer work with Willow House.

Mellonee: It started back in 2012 when they needed someone to design their auction booklet. A designer had already done the logo and invitation, but they needed someone to jump in mid-project to take over. The project seemed doable in their time frame and it offered me a new platform, so I accepted. I also researched their organization and admired what they do as I have suffered from grief, myself.

Everything went well, so the next year they reached out to me again. This time they asked me to do everything from the beginning, and I've been working with them ever since. It's become an annual project that I do. I enjoy helping them, and they are very appreciative. They are wonderful people and easy to work with. As long as it's in my power, it's a relationship that will go on for years to come.

What was the best part of this volunteer opportunity for you?

Mellonee: The feeling that it gives me knowing that I can help. Generosity is a wonderful gift, and I don't mind giving it.

How has WomenOnCall made a difference for you?

Mellonee: I've built some wonderful relationships, and it's made me appreciate the hard work that goes into nonprofit organizations. I love that it's empowering women to share their talents, as well.