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WomenOnCall's Inaugural Impact Award

Thank You

Tell us your story in one page or less!

WomenOncall member organizations, here's your chance to nominate and recognize the WomenOnCall volunteer who has made a significant, positive impact on your organization. Share how one of the volunteers that you met through WomenOnCall has helped your organization achieve an important goal and/or accomplish a key task. Whether you met the volunteer via our website or at one of our Meet & Match events, we want to hear your story.

At our 10th Anniversary Meet & Match on February 23rd, we will celebrate one organization and their volunteer with a special award and thank you. It's a great way to thank your volunteer for her help and for your organization to be recognized.

Our panel of judges will review applications in February, and the winner will be notified prior to February 23rd.


  • Please provide as many details into how this volunteer helped you reach your goals and/or improve your work in the community.
  • Testimonials must be no longer than one page in length.
  • Applications will be accepted only from WomenOnCall nonprofit members, and organizations in all 50 states can apply.
  • All applications must be received no later than 5:00 pm CST on Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Please submit applications with the subject line "Impact Awards" to info@womenoncall.org.


What project(s) did this volunteer complete for you?

Why was this volunteer a good match for your organization and its specific needs?

How did this volunteer make a difference for your organization?

What would have happened had you not connected with this volunteer? (e.g. project would not have been completed, other).

Please include the following in your application:

      • Your name and role within your organization
      • Your organization's name
      • Your email address and phone number
      • The WomenOnCall volunteer's name
      • The WomenOnCall volunteer's email address