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Providing resources and information to help connect professional women with meaningful causes and relevant skills-based volunteer opportunities.

BIG NEWS: We Met Our Match!

On January 1, 2018, WomenOnCall will merge with Chicago Cares to deepen our impact in the community, particularly in neighborhoods of greatest need. At a February 7th Meet & Match event, WomenOnO... Read more

To Show Our Thanks

Every November, our hearts seem a little more full and a lot more thankful. As we approach the holiday season, we like to think back on all that we have accomplished throughout the year and to reco... Read more

Imerman Angels

Success Story: Imerman Angels

We are always looking to showcase the connections between our nonprofits and volunteers, so our Executive Director, Andrea Ziel, recently talked with Stephanie Chapman, Office and Volunteer Manager... Read more

Thank You

WomenOnCall's Inaugural Impact Award

Tell us your story in one page or less!WomenOncall member organizations, here's your chance to nominate and recognize the WomenOnCall volunteer who has made a significant, positive impact on your o... Read more

Thank You

Conveying Gratitude

In addition to managing good communication with a volunteer on a project, one of the most important pieces to ensure a successful engagement is the follow-up. Volunteers love to know how they helpe... Read more