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Providing resources and information to help connect professional women with meaningful causes and relevant skills-based volunteer opportunities.

Engaging Skilled Volunteers

Making the Case for Skills-Based Volunteerism

Throughout history, the nonprofit sector has grown and flourished in many ways due to the commitment and extensive work of volunteers. Every single organization has its own story of how volunteers ... Read more


Proactively Finding Your Match

  If you’ve already signed up for WomenOnCall, you’ve taken a good step in the right direction to finding a pro bono project that is meaningful and will impact the community. But here’s how you can... Read more

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Identifying the Right Volunteer

As a nonprofit, we are always thrilled to have additional resources. But making sure those resources are the right resources is key. At WomenOnCall, we give you access to thousands of highly-quali... Read more

How to Thank Virtual Volunteers

Saying thank you is critical for retaining volunteers and keeping them happy. But what about virtual volunteers, those who volunteer via email and/or phone? Here are a few ideas to show your apprec... Read more

Virtual Volunteering 101

What is virtual volunteering? Virtual volunteering allows nonprofits and volunteers to connect and work on projects via phone and/or email. Here are a few examples of volunteer projects that are w... Read more

How to Attract Social Media Volunteers

This month we are focusing on social media to help nonprofits to create listings that provide clear expectations for volunteers. Before you call upon a volunteer to assist with a project, it is he... Read more

Graphic Design

Graphic designers can create pieces for your nonprofit to promote events, raise funds or make your online resources more pleasing to the eye. Although WomenOnCall design volunteers will not be able... Read more

Web Development

Website updates are essential for nonprofits to keep connected to their supporters. Updating your website content, including blogs, events and mission statement, keeps your website relevant and mor... Read more

Event Planning

Volunteers with experience in event planning can help make nonprofit events successful. We encourage you to shy away from seeking fundraising assistance or event committee members. Instead, offer a... Read more

Virtual Volunteering Guidelines

Virtual volunteering, working with a volunteering using phone and/or email, grants you the flexibility to work with volunteers outside of your geographic area. Unlike traditional volunteering, you ... Read more