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Providing resources and information to help connect professional women with meaningful causes and relevant skills-based volunteer opportunities.

Decide Which Projects Matter Most

Focusing your energy on prioritizing projects not only helps you decided what needs to get done now, but it paves the way for organizational success. Some of our nonprofit members struggle with cho... Read more

Photography Volunteers

Working with a photography volunteer may seem straightforward, but it is helpful to begin equipped with the knowledge to make the experience the best it can be. Photography is one of the easiest pr... Read more

Grant Writing

Dos and Don'ts for posting a grant writing project: Do: Scale down your project. For example, you could ask for a grant researcher, consultant or editor to assist with completing the grant. Tr... Read more

Scoping Projects

Creating a project that is manageable for volunteers will help increase your chances of finding a WomenOnCall volunteer who is able to donate her time. We focus on short-term, skills-based projects... Read more