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Providing resources and information to help connect professional women with meaningful causes and relevant skills-based volunteer opportunities.

BIG NEWS: We Met Our Match!

On January 1, 2018, WomenOnCall will merge with Chicago Cares to deepen our impact in the community, particularly in neighborhoods of greatest need. At a February 7th Meet & Match event, WomenOnO... Read more

How I Found My Match Through WomenOnCall

Volunteer Spotlight: Sheri Rosenbaum"The combination of triathlons and my marketing background made it a perfect fit."Throughout the years, we've seen that our volunteers experience a wide range of... Read more

How I Shared My Social Media Skills

Volunteer Spotlight: Christine IzuakorRecently, our team caught up with Christine Izuakor, a WomenOnCall volunteer and a Senior IT Security Analyst with United Airlines. As a full-time employee, fu... Read more


Share the Rewards

 WomenOnCall is always on the lookout for highly skilled women who are willing to offer their expertise to our nonprofits – women just like you! By referring your friends, family and colleagues to ... Read more

Setting Up Your Project for Success

We work hard to educate our nonprofits about skills-based volunteering. Even though our nonprofits have the information needed to post a project and are familiar with managing skilled volunteers, i... Read more

Flaunt Your Volunteer Experiences

Long-term volunteer service shows your commitment and passion to potential employers and often your dedication can connect you with a job. LinkedIn offers an easy way to showcase your volunteer exp... Read more

Happy Pro Bono Week!

In 2009, the American Bar Association hosted its first Pro Bono Week to celebrate lawyers who volunteered their work pro bono or “for the public good.” However, since Pro Bono Week's inception, the... Read more