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Volunteers – FAQ

Learn the answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about WomenOnCall. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at info@womenoncall.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding WomenOnCall. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at info@womenoncall.org.

What is WomenOnCall?

WomenOnCall is a unique, online network created to connect professional women with meaningful causes and relevant skills-based volunteer opportunities. We provide women with an easy, yet powerful and impactful way, to give back and add significant value by sharing their experience and skills with nonprofits looking to fill a specific need.

WomenOnCall aligns the skills, expertise and interests of highly-qualified volunteers with short-term, high-impact projects at trusted nonprofit organizations in the greater Chicago area. Through on-site and virtual volunteer opportunities that require 10 hours of service or less, WomenOnCall members provide skills-based service to further advance an organization’s mission and improve their bottom line.

How is WomenOnCall different from other sites that connect volunteers and nonprofits?

By focusing specifically on projects that require 10 hours of skilled service or less, WomenOnCall is a way for you to efficiently and effectively impact a nonprofit organization.

  • We make the right connections between qualified volunteers and nonprofit needs.
  • We support our nonprofit members through structured guidance and assist them in designing volunteer projects that are specific and can generate the most value in 10 hours of service or less.
  • Our volunteers can contribute on both tactical and consultative projects — everything from achieving a short-term goal for an organization to helping the nonprofit develop a roadmap for an upcoming project.
  • Via virtual volunteering, our members can connect and add value to our Chicago nonprofit members anywhere throughout the country.
  • Our nonprofit and volunteer members have 24/7 access to our dynamic and intuitive web-based platform to make meaningful connections anytime, anywhere.

What types of projects are available via WomenOnCall?

WomenOnCall helps you connect on skills-based projects that require 10 hours of service or less. Our projects fall under the general categories of Business and Financial Operations, Legal, Marketing and Media and Nonprofit Management and Organizational Development. For a small sample of possible projects, click here. To view our extensive list of project options, upload our worksheet here.

How do volunteers get started with WomenOnCall?

Registration with WomenOnCall is simple and easy. Create an account on WomenOnCall and share your skills, interests and background information in your profile. Using the Linkedin connect button, creating a profile is even easier. Nonprofits select volunteers based on the skills listed and relevant experience, so it is helpful for you to add detail to your profile. Search the list of available projects and respond to the project invitations you receive in your personal email inbox.

I don’t have 10 hours to give right now, but I would still like to contribute. How do I donate?

Your donation to WomenOnCall will be used to help our more than 1,200 nonprofit members find talented, professional women volunteers to further their missions. WomenOnCall is a nonprofit entity. We use funds from donations for 501(c) 3 charitable activities. To make a contribution, click here.

What is Virtual Volunteering?

Via phone and email, you can assist an organization regardless of your location. For example, a woman in Portland could volunteer for a Chicago nonprofit by drafting a press release about an upcoming event.

I'd like to volunteer but have not received opportunities. What should I do?

First, make sure you have checked off up to three skills on the list for which you are qualified. (For example, if you are a lawyer, perhaps your experience would also qualify you to edit, facilitate a brainstorming session or assist with board development.) You can add details to your profile about your background, experience or qualifications. You are also invited to search the list of available projects for opportunities that match your skills and interests.

I received an email inviting me to accept a volunteer opportunity. How can I respond to the nonprofit?

Start by clicking on the link in the email. You will be directed to the project page to learn more about the opportunity. If interested, click accept and the nonprofit will contact you using the personal email address you provided. If the project is not of interest, politely decline the opportunity and seek out another project.

We understand busy schedules, so we encourage our nonprofits to send the posting to a number of different volunteers. We ask that you respond to all project requests, and we request that our nonprofits respond to all inquiries from WomenOnCall volunteers.

While searching the site, I found a volunteer opportunity that interests me. If I have not received an invitation to join the project, can I still volunteer for this opportunity?

Yes! If your skills match the needs of the nonprofit, please contact the nonprofit by applying to the project. The nonprofit will follow up with you to discuss the project further.