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Volunteers and nonprofits throughout the US are welcome to apply. Once you’re accepted, log in and begin making meaningful connections.

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Nonprofits can create skills-based projects and search our database for a volunteer whose skills and interests match. Nonprofits will invite you to review the project, and an email is sent directly to your email inbox.


Once you receive a project invitation, you can accept or decline the opportunity. If a match, you and the nonprofit can discuss details and begin the project!

Jessica made a lasting impact on Urban Initiatives…It is passionate volunteers like her that have allowed Urban Initiatives to grow from working in one school to now serving nearly 40 schools and thousands of students.

Urban Initiatives
Urban initiatives logo

Throughout the years, numerous WomenOnCall volunteers have helped Urban Initiatives meet organizational goals that may not have been met otherwise.

Jessica began by editing one grant and suggesting language that could be incorporated into all future grant proposals. Urban Initiatives secured the grant and then approached Jessica to see if she might be interested in editing future grant proposals. She agreed and went on to review numerous grants before they were submitted. Her recommendations helped the organization have its most successful year of fundraising despite the down economy.  Read more about this success story and others

“Catherine brought a wealth of knowledge and direction to something that was very new to us.

Willow House
Willow house logo

In the span of a year, Willow House engaged three WomenOnCall volunteers to assist on a variety of both in-person and virtual volunteer projects.

Willow House, a nonprofit located in the Chicago suburbs, provides support to grieving children and families through discussion groups, workshops and community outreach. While searching for grant-writing assistance, Willow House met volunteer Catherine Siebel at the Chicago Meet & Match. Catherine, a program evaluation consultant, applied her professional skills to help the organization identify key metrics to articulate its impact.  Read more about this success story and others

Giving back is as simple as 1, 2, 3. If you don’t have 10 hours to volunteer, your donation to WomenOnCall will still help you to make a significant impact.

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